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How do I combine multiple PDFs into one?

Inclined works best when you upload the document as one PDF, here's how to do that.

If your scanner scans each page as its own PDF or as a PNG or JPG file, we'll walk you through how to convert that to PDF.

Alternatively, you can also learn how to use a scanning app which makes creating one PDF a snap.


Online – All Platforms

We recommend the free, online tool provided by Adobe to merge PDFs into 1 file.

  1. Open https://www.adobe.com/acrobat/online/merge-pdf.html 
  2. Drag and drop the files you want to combine
  3. Save the combined PDF


Mac OS / Apple

On Mac OS, we recommend using Apple's default PDF app Preview to combine and convert PDFs.

  1. Open all the PDFs or images you want to combine in Preview
    • You may have to right click and select 'Open with >' and then 'Preview'
  2. In each document, select 'View' then 'Thumbnails'
  3. Drag the thumbnails from each file into the left sidebar of 1 document
    1. This is easiest if you start with the document that is the first page of your document, and drag the pages into it in order page 2, 3 etc, dropping each at the bottom of the sidebar 
  4. When all the pages on showing in the left sidebar, select 'file' then 'export'
  5. Select 'PDF' as the format and save the document